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Review: Citizen Crew, Resume

Resume is a compilation electronica/dance mix that claims to be constructed from the music the Citizen Crew was listening to during the summer of 2006.  Word has it that the Citizen Crew is in fact Pascal Arbez who has called himself Dima, Hustler Pornstar and, most recently Vitalic.  I thought Vitalic’s OK Cowboy was one of the better electronica/dance albums I came across last year which makes Resume all the more puzzling.  It’s a CD with many positive features and one enormous problem. 

First the good news – there’s a lot of really good music here.  Interesting rhythms, interesting effects and a very varied playlist that encompasses many types of groove oriented electronica.  Vocals, which appear on less than half the tracks, are as varied as the instrumentals.  In addition the mix is very well done with one track melding seamlessly with the next even as the styles of music being presented evolve and change.

So, what’s not to like?  Here’s where we come to the big problem.  Virtually every track on the CD is overlaid with an insistent, equal-emphasis-on-every-beat, 4/4 rhythm track. ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR incessantly.  In different tracks the beat is presented differently, a pulse here, floor tom there, kick drum or snare+claps over here, but it almost never goes away.  It starts to sound like this is a training disk for noob electronica wannabees who can’t keep the rhythm internally and need the help of a metronome until their musical talents develop further.  Virtually all pop/electronica/rock etc. music is in 4/4 but imagine every tune you know with a prominent metronome track laid over the top and you’ll begin to get the idea.   While this rhythmic overlay works fairly well in the context of each individual track, listening to one track after the other leaves you trying to decide if the best adjective to describe the CD is tedious or monotonous.

 The upshot is that many tracks from Resume will work very well on shuffle play where you don’t have to listen to them one after the other.  The wide range of styles covered on the disc pretty much guarantees that if you like some form of electronic/dance you’ll like something here.  The album also provided a good amount of content for the radio station that goes along with this blog but has since been discontinued.  But play it on the CD player?  Not likely.


02/21/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music

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