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Review: Two Lone Swordsmen, Emissions Audio Output

Two Lone Swordsman are electronica mixer/producer/DJ Andrew Weatherall and engineer Keith Tenniswood.  Although one of the industry’s foremost producer’s of forward-looking electronica, Weatherall is probably better know to rock fans as the producer of Primal Screams’s masterful 1991 album Screamadelica.  In 1996 Weatherall broke up his pioneering electronica/techno collaboration Sabres of Paradise to form Two Lone Swordsmen and the Emissions Audio Output record label.  This CD collects ten early tracks released on that label.

The disc begins with solidly groove-oriented downtempo, chillout electronica and moves to more experimental pieces as it goes.  However, unlike many experimental or ambient oriented electronica producers, Weatherall never loses the rhythm in nebulous soundscapes or glitch/noise assaults.  The result is a set of tracks that are, for the most part, consistently interesting.  The sound quality is good with sharp and clean delineation of the different rhythmic and melodic lines.  I tend to favor the more pointedly rhythmic pieces but both head and ass can find something to like here. 


03/03/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music

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