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Review: Alice Smith, For Lovers, Dreamers and Me

“So, who’s this then?”

“Alice Smith, a new singer, this is her first album.”alice smith

“lol  another pitch-corrected bimbo.  So what’s her marketing gimmick?  Big hair?  Big implants? Big ass?  Bad behavior in public places?”

“She sings.”

“(. . . . .)   That’s it?  She sings?”

“Well, and writes.  She cowrote some of the tunes on the CD.”

“So, who’s the guest producer?  Pharrell Williams? Timbaland?  Kanye West?”

“No guest producers.”

“wtf? No guest producers?  How can that be?  I thought there was a law said all chick singers had to have at least one of these guest producers.”

“Appears not.  No guest rappers either.”

“No way!  Ludacris, Jay-Z, none of those other dudes?  I thought there was a law . . . . .”


“zomg, that’s like so wrong! ”

“Why don’t you try just listening to her for a minute?”

“(. . . . .)  Uh . . . yeah, okay . . . I can do that.”

“Good.  Give it a try.”

(. . . . .)

(. . . . .)



(. . . . .)

(. . . . .)

“She’s like really good”


(. . . . .)

(. . . . .)

“But I thought there was a law . . . .?”


Alice Smith composes a bit but mainly she sings – and she sings very well indeed.  Her voice is strong, smokey and nuanced and she sings with a confidence that you don’t expect from an un-hyped unkown on her first album.  Lovers, Dreamers & Me is all the more enjoyable in that it ignores the production cliches that make the endless parade of slickly produced divas sound like minor variants of an old and tired idea.  Much of the CD boasts arrangements that are as interesting as Smith’s voice.  At less than 40 mins the album is short and it has a couple of mundane arrangements that lessen interest before it ends but Smith is miles beyond whichever Beyonce clone the major labels are hyping this week.  Let’s hope she can both continue to make music this good and resist the obligatory bimbo makeover when she is “discovered” by the industry.

03/08/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music


  1. bad review format

    Comment by anonymis | 11/14/2007 | Reply

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