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Review: Plus Device, Puncture

Puncture begins with the semi-modern sounding dance electronica track “Pupil Measurement”.  It then moves to “Body Heat” which is all about 80’s disco; analog synths, vocoder vocals, simple drum machine rhythms, hand claps.  It’s like Cameo all over again!  So far so good, two tracks, two different approaches to dance electronica and they both groove.  Then comes track three which is pretty much the same type of music as track two.  Then comes track four which is pretty much the same type of music as track three.  Then comes track five . . . and on and on.  Around about track seven we get a weak Kraftwerk imitation titled “Public Transport” (how’s that for a lame reference to Kraftwerk’s monumental “Autobahan” and “Trans-Europe Express”) but otherwise you’ve pretty much heard everything Plus Device has to say after the second track.

Tracks have titles like Body Heat, Ultra Seductive, Come Inside Me and Sexual Harassment which features the lyric Get your ass up/Get your ass up/Get your ass down/Get your ass down.  (I’m not making this up.)  ZOMG!  It’s like fucking!  Ass up, ass down, ass up.. Get it?  While this is likely to be thrilling for sniggering 12-year-olds of all ages, listeners who have grown beyond adolescence in sexual practice and outlook will probably find it juvenile at best.  If this sounds like your thing, knock yourself out.  Others may want to dig out some Cameo CDs if they want to hear this type of music done with much more sophistication and style.


03/13/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music

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