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Review: Little Barrie, We Are Little Barrie

Voo-doo.  Hoo-doo. Mojo.  Call it what you will, these guys got it.  They got all of it.  Plugged straight into the jungle heart of rock ‘n roll this is music so raw it bleeds.  Little Barrie mixes blues, rock, funk and soul and comes up with something both timeless and unique.  How do Little Barriethey do that?  How can musical forms that have been explored so thoroughly and exhaustively continue to throw up music this exciting?  Beats the hell out of me.  Bits and pieces will remind you of everything you loved about rock and yet Little Barrie sound like nobody else. 

Little Barrie is Barrie Cadogan (guitar & vocals), Wayne Fullwood (drums & vocals), and Lewis Wharton (bass).  There are also uncredited keyboards on some of the tracks.  The album was produced by Edwyn Collins which is the last thing you’d expect if you remember Collins’ indie-pop work with Orange Juice.  Collins captures a rough and raw instrumental sound that gives a first impression of that one-in-a-million lo-fi amateur recording that turned out well.  However as the CD continues you realize it is in fact artfully and carefully recorded to capture the excitement of a young and talented band.

“We Are Little Barrie” is the best example I’ve heard so far this year of why you shouldn’t spend your life listening to the music that was popular before you were 25.  No matter how styles change, no matter how mass produced crap always seems to dominate the charts, musicians keep coming along that light you up, kick your ass, and open new doors.  Wading through all that other shit is worth it because every once in a while you find bands like this. 

You might also want to check out Little Barrie’s second CD “Stand Your Ground“.

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