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Review: Trans Am, Sex Change

OK, I give up.  I have no idea how to categorize this group or this CD.  Trans Am are a largely instrumental trio originally out of Washington DC who hooked up with producer John trans amMcEntire (Tortoise) early in their career.  Prolly because of the McEntire connection they are usually labeled as “post-rock” but the aimless atmospheric noodling and ebb-and-flow compositional structures often associated with post rock are largely absent here.  Instead you have a collection of funk, electronics, synth pop, heavy rock, and not so heavy rock combined and recombined sometimes one way, sometimes another.  Sometimes they do vocals but more often they don’t.  However you end up categorizing it, this is a CD where if you don’t like the current track you should stick around because chances are better than good that the next track will be completely different.  It holds together because it’s consistently interesting and Nathan Means  (bass, keyboards, vocals), Philip Manley (guitar, keyboards, vocals), and Seb Thomson (drums, drum programming) can play.  Occasionally the band sounds like it’s stuck in a formless musical pattern but these moments are few and they never last long.  All in all a good listen for people who like variety and quality musicianship with a limited reliance on vocals.


05/05/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music

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