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Review: Brian Vander Ark, Resurrection

Brian Vander Ark played guitar, sang lead and was one of the two main song writers in The vander arkVerve Pipe.  I think their last album, “Underneath”, is a pretty good CD and so I was happy to discover that Vander Ark had released a solo album after The Verve Pipe called it quits when “Underneath” didn’t do so well.  Of the eleven tunes on”Resurrection” three sound like a continuation of The Verve Pipes’ tight, hook-laden guitar pop.  These three tunes are terrific.  The rest . . . not so much.  Vander Ark is primarily doing the sensitive singer-songwriter thing here.  Lots of acoustic guitar and oh-so-sensitive self pity.  Poor baby.  Some of this stuff, like “When I’m Gone” which whines about whether anyone will miss him when he dies, is truly dreadful.  If you like dynamite guitar pop check out The Verve Pipe’s “Underneath” but give “Resurrection” a pass.


05/08/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music

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