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Review: Rjd2, The Third Hand

Rjd2 (Ramble Jon Krohn) began as a hip-hop producer, added hip-hop performance, shifted toward pop, and has now gone pretty much pure pop with “The Third Hand”.  He hasn’t rjd2forgotten or abandoned his hip hop production skills, he’s just applying them in a different format.  The tracks on “The Third Hand” are carefully layered and often sound as if they’ve been Pro Tooled at the millisecond level.  The hip hop lineage is most apparent in the rhythms and beats that are usually both interesting and well integrated with the rest of the music and as often as not drive the track.  The album is completely the work of Rjd2, he wrote, produced, created all the music and sings.  No samples here.

As a first effort in a purely pop vein “The Third Hand” shows promise.  But it’s a first effort.  A number of tracks are brief mood or texture pieces and even the fully developed tracks come across more as ideas for songs than as songs proper.  Many of the ideas are quite good and the tracks are all well constructed but they are also under developed.  As a whole the CD has a fragmentary feel that is longer on mood than songcraft.  At present Rjd2’s main strength is in production but he has shown a willingness to try new things and he’s moved in new directions over his career.  If it continues he will be interesting to watch.


06/05/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music

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