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Review: Hobex, U Ready, Man?

Hobex hails from North Carolina, they appear to have an ever-changing lineup anchored by Greg Humphreys (guitar, vocals), Andy Ware (Bass) and Dustin Clifford (drums), and hobexthey play a somewhat unique blend of old-school soul, R&B, funk and rock.  They are an atypical band.  “U Ready, Man?” adds keyboards, horns and a female vocalist to produce a soul-revue lineup with rock guitar and bass breaks, extended band jams, and live rave ups.  When they hit it, which they do often enough to keep the CD in the player longer than most, they hit it out of the park. 

Opening track “Maybe It’s Me” is a sweet soul vamp with the kind of hook others would die for and Smokey Robinson seemed to produce at will.  First-rate track.  “Ode to Billy G”, “Oh Yeah” and “Ken’s Burn” are instrumentals that showcase the core players’ musical chops which are impressive.  These guys can play.  “Soul Food” is a soul shouter featuring a big vocal from April Howell recorded live.  It has it’s moments but after a couple of listens it begins to sound a bit forced as if the singer is working too hard to project an image rather than singing the song.  It’s the kind of performance that knocks people out in the club but doesn’t quite hold up when heard several times in the house. 

Hobex is a tight band that sounds like they’ve honed their craft in performance which gives their playing an element of excitement and life that is missing from music that is designed and constructed in the recording studio.  They play an older style of music like it was invented yesterday and in doing so provide compelling evidence that good music never gets old.


06/11/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music

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