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Review: I’m From Barcelona, Let Me Introduce My Friends

Waaaaaaay too cute.   “Let Me Introduce My Friends is the debut CD from the Swedish collective I’m From Barcelona that lists 29 people as members of the group.  All those from barcelonanames notwithstanding, the CD appears to be almost completely the work of one guy, Emanual Lundgren who is credited with writing the music and lyrics along with all of the production, recording and mixing.  One guy with maybe one and half musical ideas.  Most of the songs on the album are ostentatious and self-consciously precious evocations of childhood with mind numbing la-la-la melodies and the same happy-clappy rhythm.  The other people play some instruments here and there but mostly provide massed hand claps and sing alongs.  It’s beyond dreadful. 

“Let Me Introduce My Friends” is also very poorly recorded.  When the instrumentation is sparse there is a a limited soundstage although individual instruments and voices tend to sound flat and dull.  However as soon as the instruments or voices accumulate, and with 29 members they accumulate often, the sound is either equalized to a thin tinny stream or it collapses into a muddy mess that is narrowly contained in the center of the soundstage.  One gets the impression that Lundgren respects neither the music nor the audience enough to bother with producing something than even remotely approaches a professional recording.  The whole thing comes off like a third-rate Sesame Street knock off from a bunch of amateurs at a public access TV station.  A waste of time, money and storage space.  Your mileage may vary.


06/18/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews

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