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Review: The Bravery, The Sun and the Moon

Be careful what you wish for, or, put another way, God punishes us by granting our prayers.  There are a million unrecognized bands out there and I’d guess that most of braverythem wish they’ll hit it big.  That wish came true for The Bravery, a five-piece from New York, whose self-titled first album was praised by The Village Voice, Rolling Stone and MTV.  With initial recognition like that, the result was predictable:  Every reviewer who thought they were too hip for words dumped on the band because they must be bad if the mainstream dinosaurs liked them.

The Bravery lived up their name and put out their second album “The Sun and the Moon” anyway and once again the hipper-than-thou critics are turning up their noses.  Oh, well.  I like it.  I liked the first one too.  The Bravery fall into the New Wave revivalists category with a marked penchant for both musical and lyrical hooks.  They write the kind of songs you find yourself singing unconsciously at odd times during the day.  “The Sun and the Moon” expands on their first album in both instrumentation and musical styles.  They even attempt a couple of ballads which are competantly done though they won’t give the musicians who make this kind of thing their stock in trade sleepless nights.  Production on the album is sharp, the band is tight, and they do nice harmony vocal work.  Take all that and add the musical movement beyond their first album and you have a second album that doesn’t disappoint and puts them on the “keep an ear open for these guys and get their next album” list. 

Music from this CD can be heard on Tuned In To Music Podcast 005 – Playlist 1


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  1. I love more-house i hope to go threr someday

    Comment by cece | 04/21/2008 | Reply

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