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Review: Ojos de Brujo, Vengue

“Vengue” is Ojos de Brujo’s first album which was released in 2001.  Completely self produced and self recorded it sounds much more assured and accomplished, both venguemusically and technically, than one would expect from a group on their first outing.  Ojos de Brujo is a collective based in Barcelona that graft dance, hip hop, and some rap influences and techniques onto a strongly flamenco-oriented base.  The result is an amalgam that is thick with passion and dense with rhythm.  In comparison with their later albums “Bari” and “Techari” (see Tuned In To Music’s review of “Techari”) “Vengue” places a bit more emphasis on the vocals of percussionist Maxwell Wright and a bit less on those of Maria Abad the group’s other main singer.  There also seems to be a bit more reliance on non-flamenco stylings on “Vengue” than on the later two albums although it may be more the case that the group has simply improved in melding the various styles of music they play over the years.  These are not huge differences – the lilting rhythms, percussive guitar playing and sinuous rhythms that make their recent albums so appealing are all here as well.  Like “Bari” and Techari”, “Vengue” is highly recommended.  If you are new to Ojos de Brujo, I would recommend starting with their most recent album, “Techari” and working backward through “Bari” to “Vengue” for as long as your interest lasts.  The problem with this approach, if you’re like me, is that you will enjoy this music so much that you won’t be able to hold yourself back from getting another album and you’ll go through the three CDs much too quickly.


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  4. salut toi les monede

    Comment by tarik | 07/07/2008 | Reply

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