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Review: Crowded House, Farewell to the World DVD

In 1996 Crowded House called it quits but before they went they got the original band back together for one final concert they called Farewell to the World which they performed in front of the crowded housemagnificent Sydney Opera House. A CD and a DVD of the event were finally released last year. This note on the DVD is a followup to our earlier review of the CD which can be checked for more info on the music and the gig.

The Farewell to the World DVD is a straightforward concert film.  Crowded House walks onstage, kicks ass for two hours, hugs all around, and walks off.  No artsy fartsy cinema tricks, no interspersed interviews, no they-influenced-us-sooo-much blather from other musicians or bombastic pontificating from pointy heads on the band’s cultural significance.  Just two hours of great music.  Nice.

The DVD comes with three soundtracks:  the original stereo mix, a new stereo mix, and a 5.1 dts mix.  The new stereo mix widens the soundstage and doubles the front stereo mix in the rear channels.  Of the two stereo mixes, the newer one sounds fuller and richer.  The 5.1 surround dts mix sounds the best of the three.  However, all of the mixes on the DVD are markedly inferior to the sound on the CD.  Although the CD is a stereo mix, the lows are much fuller and the highs are much clearer.  The overall sound is much richer and more detailed on the CD.

The DVD also has a commentary track done by the musicians which I did not listen to and a second disc which I did not get from Netflix and so can’t comment on.  If you are a fan of Crowded House the DVD is well worth your time as watching the band play the gig more than makes up for the decline in sound quality.  If all you want is the music, the CD is the better option. 

Music from this concert can be heard on Tuned In To Music Podcast 004 – Live, In Concert


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