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Review: Various Artists, Rock the Disco

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed a dance compilation called “Afterdark, New York City” which is to dance music what Kenny G was to jazz.  Dance music is supposed to make you rock the discowant to, uhhh, dance, not put you to sleep.  So I looked for another dance collection and tried “Rock the Disco”.  Both collections turned out to be assalicious  – “Afterdark” smells like it, “Rock the Disco” kicks it.

“Rock the Disco” is two CDs compiled by deejay Huggy and it’s pretty much a nonstop dance party.  The music mixes elements of dance, electronica, indie, rave, house, rock, disco, funk, whatever into combinations that are always focused clearly and sharply on getting your ass up and out of the chair.  Some of the artists included in the mix are MSTRKRFT, Simian Mobile Disco, Gossip, Chromeo, D. Ramirez, Fedde le Grand and many, many more.  If none of these names are familiar to you, don’t worry about it.  Dance music has a long tradition of subsuming the identity of the performance artist to the experience of the dance.  Unlike a rock gig where you go to watch, you go to a dance gig to participate.  And this collection induces participation in the best of all possible ways – the music jacks straight in to the booty and makes it almost impossible to sit still.  Like impossible to sit still to the point that it’s taking twice as long to write this review as it should because I keep getting interrupted by uncontrollable dancing caused by listening to one of the CDs while I type.

If you like contemporary dance music “Rock the Disco” is recommended.  If you like dance music that combines rock and electronica influences, it’s highly recommended.  If this CD don’t put the wag in your bag, you might want to think about giving it up and seeing if you can find a Hee Haw rerun on cable.

Music from this CD can be heard on Tuned In To Music Podcast 015 – Rockin’ the Dancefloor


08/07/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews


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