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Review: Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Everyone who reviews music, or anything else for that matter, runs into this problem sooner or later – a CD that has nothing seriously wrong, gets a lot of things right, but just doesn’t do gagait for you.  Spoon’s “Ga Ga . . ” is one of those CDs for me.  I’ve listened to it time and time again thinking it’s going to be a grower and each time I hear nice little touches I didn’t notice before.  This is almost always a good sign but for whatever reason, “Ga Ga” just isn’t happening for me.

“Ga Ga” is the kind of indie rock that listeners who know Spoon will be familiar with- oblique and often striking lyrics, sharp guitars, fairly simple and sometimes rudimentary rhythms, and Britt Daniels’ instantly identifiable vocals.  The CD is chock-a-block with guitar, vocal and electronic effects and garnishes.  It often sounds like every measure was carefully sculptured and enhanced with discrete effects.  This kind of obsessive attention to detail often produces fussy, overproduced and cluttered music but that’s not the case here.  Spoon’s touch is light and restrained, perhaps too restrained because the music rarely grabs your attention (well, my attention anyway).  On the other hand, Spoon’s light touch means that subtle effects continue to reveal themselves even after many listens which is a good thing.

The more I listen to “Ga Ga”  the more I think the disconnect between me and the album is my problem, not Spoon’s, which means I think it would be a good idea to pay scant attention to my lack of excitement about the CD.  If you have enjoyed previous Spoon albums, then you should definately check “Ga Ga” out.  If you like, or would like to try, thoughtfully constructed and restrained indie rock, then “Ga Ga” is worth a listen.


08/15/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews

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