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Review: 1990s, Cookies

Guys go through this thing where they discover that their dicks work, there’s girls that’ll go along, and they can actually do all those things they’ve been watching on pornos and dreaming 1990sabout.  For a short period of time they’re exuberant, still somewhat in awe of the girls and full of themselves.  It’s fun.  It doesn’t last – maybe two or three days – but it’s fun.  After that they either start treating girls like Kleenex – use ’em for bodily fluid deposits and through ’em away – and turn into scum, go on trying to pretend they’re still living in those two or three days (think the last three decades (!) of Mick Jagger) and turn into an embarassment, or they grow up and figure out that a working dick is the beginning of the road, not the end.  “Cookies” sounds like the 1990s managed to record it sometime during those couple of days and it rocks.

As it turns out, the members of the 1990s aren’t the fresh-faced, smart-ass kids they come on as on “Cookies”.  Two members of the trio, Jackie McKeown (guitar, vocals) and Jamie McMorrow (bass) played together in Yummy Fur and Michael McGaughrin (drums) played in V-Twin.  This ain’t a bunch of local lads who suddenly find themselves in the spotlight which makes their ability to come across like that’s just what they are all the more noteworthy. 

Cookies is pretty much staightforward rock with short, sharp guitar breaks and a rock solid rhythm section.  Lyrics are as deep as spilled beer -Girls! Sex! Drugs! Yay!  That’s about it.  But the writing is at times clever and McKeown delivers them well.  It’s not easy to sing “My cult status / Keeps me alive / My cult status / Keeps me alive / My cult status / Keeps me alive / My cult status / Keeps me fuckin’ your wife” without sounding like a fool but McKeown pulls it off.  The opening trio of “You Made Me Like It”, “See You at the Lights” and “Cult Status” are as solid a one-two-three punch as you’re likely to hear this year.

If the lines from “Cult Status” made you laugh or at least smile, then you’ll probably like “Cookies”.  If they didn’t, maybe not so much.  I like it but it has no redeeming qualities other than being solid well played rock.


09/04/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews

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