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Review: Various Artists, Grand 12-Inches Vol. 2

This is the second in a series of four volumes of 12 inch versions of dance music from the ’70s and ’80 compiled by Ben Liebrand a noted DJ and music compiler from the Netherlands.  Like Grand 12-Inches Vol. 1  it’s a four CD set that includes 40 extended tracks.  Liebrand knows what he’s grand 12 v 2doing and he takes pains to collect original, hard to find, or important mixes.  As a result, the “Grand 12-Inchs” volumes are the state-of-the-art collections of extended and remixed danced music from the period.

Vol. 2 ranges from fairly easy to find tracks such as Telex’s “Moskow Diskow” (in English and French versions, no less), M’s “Popmuzik” and Stephanie Mills’ “Medicine Song” to much harder to find numbers like Harry Thurmann’s “Underwater” and Sunbelt’s “Spin It”.  While avid collectors of extended remixes won’t appreciate having yet another copy of the familiar tracks, the mixture of easy and hard to find makes these collections ideal for people who are interested in this kind of music and haven’t yet built up extensive collections.  And some of the lesser heard and unfamilair numbers are among the best in the set.

There are many notable tracks on Vol. 2.  Santa Esmeralda turns out a 16+ min Mexican-flavored cover of the Animals “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”.  It sounds like the bastard offspring of an Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti western soundtrack and a disco rave up.  It’s a hoot.  Other plus 10 min tracks include Martin Circus’ “Disco Circus”, Dan Hartman’s “Vertigo/Light My Fire”, Blondie’s “Rapture”, The Limit’s “Say Yeah”, and a 17+ min version of Macho’s “I’m a Man”.  Liebrand doesn’t always give us the longest version.  For example the 6:34 version of Sheila E.’s “Glamorous Life” is shorter than the album version but it’s the mix that Liebrand found to be most effective on the dancefloor.  The set also includes Francois Kevorkian’s mix of Sharon Redd’s “Can You Handle It” and Larry Levan’s mix of David Joseph’s “You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me)”.

The Grand 12-Inch series are only available in the US as imports and they’re not cheap.  However, if you want extended remixes of dance music from the ’70s and ’80s I haven’t found any other collections that can compare.  Vol. 2 shows no sign of letdown in quality from Vol.1 and is recommended for anyone interested in this kind of music.  Two volumes in, 8 discs, over 80 tracks, and I’m saving up for Vol. 3.


09/17/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews


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