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Review: The Clientele, God Save the Clientele

The Clientele are a London-based group that specializes in gentle, gauzy, dreamy mid-tempo songs about my heart playing like a violin.  There’s also a good deal of pathos-riven, string clienteledrenched laments about being sad, being lonely, and walking in the park in the rain.  Sob rock, except it doesn’t rock  Instrumentation tends toward acoustic guitars, strings, tame keyboards, muted drums and the occasional pedal steel.    Vocals are soooo earnest.  On “God Save the Clientele” song after song goes by with little change in mood or tempo. After three or four of these tracks adjectives like saccharine, soporific, insipid and boring begin coming to mind.  Things begin to pick up a bit with the 11th track on the album “Carnival on 7th Steet” but by then it’s much too little and much too late as you’re already asking “Isn’t that CD over yet?”

Clientele formed 10 years ago and “God Save the Clientele” is their third album.  I’m unfamilar with the first two and it’s unlikely I’ll be listening to their next one.  If wallowing in tunes with repeating refrains like “It’s going to be a lonely lonely day” accompanied by teardrop keyboards and crying pedal steel appeals to you, this might be just what you’re looking for.


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