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Review: Various Artists, Ed Rec Vol 2

Ed Banger Records is a French record label that has recently developed a rep as one of the hottest European dance labels mainly becasue of the immense buzz surrounding Justice whose album “Crossed rechas been successful in both Europe and the US.  “Ed Rec Vol 2” is a label sampler showcasing their stable of dance artists.

Ed Banger Records is run by Pedro Winter who also manages Daft Punk and who records under the name Busy P.  His tracks “Rainbow Man” and “49ers” and his remix of Fancy’s “What’s Your Name Again” are among the more interesting tracks on the CD.  Justice is represented with the track “Phantom” and for my money it’s the best thing on the album.  Another notable track is “Strings of Death” by Krazy Baldhead.  For the most part “Ed Rec Vol 2″is fairly straightforward dance music that tends toward the big-bass, electronica + rock approach that Justice does so well.

Mention must be made of Uffie who appears to be Ed Banger’s in-house rapper chick.  She appears on a track on Justice’s “Cross” which is the worst cut on the album largely because of her presence.  She also appears on “Ed Rec Vol 2” where her track “Dismissed” is, once again, the worst track on the CD.  Her rap appears designed with the single goal of letting her say “shit”, “bitches” and “cunt” as many times as possible with what she thinks is a truckload of tough-girl street attitude.  Instead she comes off sounding like an 8 year old who’s running around bleating a “Bad Word” because she thinks the social situation will prevent her parents from discipling her.  It’s even lamer than it sounds.

“Ed Rec Vol 2” is a collection of dance music that is somewhat in the Justice mold.  The one track by Justice on the CD also appears on “Cross” and nothing else on “Ed Rec Vol 2” is as good.  “Cross” is recommended, “Ed Rec Vol 2”, not so much.

Music from this CD can be heard on Tuned In To Music Podcast 015 – Rockin’ the Dancefloor


10/17/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews

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