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Review: Aterciopelados, Gozo Poderoso

I enjoyed Aterciopelados’ 2006 release “Oye” so much that bought a copy of “Gozo Poderoso” their previous CD.  I usually prefer to let a substantial amount of time go by when searching out a band’s gozo poderosoback catalog after enjoying their current CD because I invariably don’t pay much attention to the earlier disc if it comes too soon after the current one.  I picked up “Gozo Poderoso” faster than I typically would and ended up wondering why I’d waited so long. 

Aterciopelados took a six year break between “Gozo Poderoso” and “Oye” during which singer/guitarist Andrea Echeverri had a baby and both she and bassist/producer Hector Buitrago each released solo albums.  Going backwards in time it sounds like “Oye” pretty much picked up where “Gozo Poderoso” left off.  “Gozo Poderoso” has more in the way of expertly melded electronic effects than “Oye” but both CDs feature the same type of lilting, irresistable rhythms combined with Echeverri’s delicious vocals.  I’m not sure why but I find her singing to be utterly captivating.  Her voice blends almost perfectly with Buitrago’s rhythms to form a combination that demands attention once the hook sinks in.

If there’s a problem with Aterciopelados’ work on these two albums it’s that sinking of the hook.  They don’t write the type of songs that make you stop whatever you’re doing and listen.  Their songs take some time to sink in but once they do it’s hard to get away again.  The latin rhythms are so rich and sultry that you sway without awareness.  When this happens you’re ripe for capture by Echeverri’s seductive voice.  Once they have you ensnared and you start to really pay attention you find that Buitrago’s is contributing more than just sweet rhythm.  He is an excellent producer who layers instruments and electronic effects in ways that contribute to enhancing the song without drawing undue attention to themselves.  The result is that you discover subtle and elegant aspects of the way Aterciopelados’ songs have been structured and built even after having heard them many times.

“Gozo Poderosa”, like “Oye”, is the kind of album that we will return to again and again for months, a rare occurrence in our house where we process so much new music to feed this blog.  My biggest problem with Aterciopelados will be forcing myself to wait for more time to go by before picking up “Caribe Atomico”, the CD they released before “Gozo Poderoso”.


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