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Review: Metric, Live It Out

Putting together the music for the recent podcast Tuned In To Music 014 – -The Girls in the Band brought me back into contact with Metric’s Old World Underground, Where Are You Now.  I live it outenjoyed listening to the album so much I sought out their follow-up CD “Live It Out”.  Good move.

“Live It Out” features the same precision and craft that made “Old Word Underground . . .” interesting.  Songs are well structured and carefully constructed.  As with the previous album, the musicianship that went into the making of these tracks is not immediately obvious because many of the songs are driving and hook laden.  You’re too busy enjoying what you’re hearing to notice how well made it all is.  Where “Live It Out” differs from its predecessor is in the way the songs are built.  “Old World Underground . . .” put vocalist Emily Haines high in the mix and tended to emphasize her synth playing.  “Live It Out” brings her vocals back in the band somewhat and emphasizes the guitar playing of Jimmy Shaw, the bass of Joshua Winstead and Joules Scott Key’s drumming.  This is much more of a rock record although they don’t completely forsake the synth pop that characterized “Old World Underground . . .”  “Live It Out” also sounds more like a CD made by a unified band.  Although the shift in emphasis from a synth pop to a rock sound gives the album a decidedly different feel, the band pulls it off seamlessly.  This is a multi-talented band that can play both styles of music equally well.

“Live It Out” has brought a good deal of attention to Metric.  It was nominated for several Canadian music awards and a number of tunes have been featured on the US TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and C.S.I. Miami and the UK show Hollyoaks.  I’m not so sure this is a good thing, (at least in our house when some emo tune comes on at the end of a show in an attempt to tack a phony emotional veneer on a crappy TV show everyone starts yelling to shut the damn thing off) but bands seem to use it as mark of success.  And maybe it is, the three songs used in TV shows, “Monster Hospital”, “Poster of a Girl” and “Hand$hake$”, were released as singles and reached the top 20 in the US. 

Listeners who were completely enamored of the style of “Old World Underground . . ” may not be as happy with the rock guitar sound that is more prominent on much of “Live It Out”.  I like the harder edge and am looking forward to the CD where Metric brings their many talents together in one rich and multi-faceted package.


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