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Review, Mexican Institute of Sound, Mejico Maxico

“Mejico Maxico” is the debut CD from deejay and producer Camilo Lara.  Although it is not as polished or as rich as MIS’s follow-up CD, “Pinata” it is very good.  Lara’s great strengths are a mis mmsuperb sense of rhythm and tempo, meticulous craft in the construction of layered music and a deep knowledge of Mexican and other forms of Latin music.  The first two of these strengths are in ample evidence on “Mejico Maxico”.  “Pinata” provides more evidence of his knowledge of music.  Which isn’t to say he doesn’t build tracks on samples of older music on Mejico Maxico”, he does, he just doesn’t use this technique as widely as on “Pinata”.

Lara is so good at integrating different types of music and different timbres that you can listen to his tracks many, many times and still find youself discovering things you hadn’t heard before.  His mixing and layering is so smooth that it enhances this effect.  Elements are added to the mix in a subtle fashion that doesn’t hit you over the head and alert you to their presence.  He’s also very good at building a pleasant groove which makes listening to the tracks many times as you discover more and more about the music an easy task.

Both “Pinata” and “Mejico Maxico” are strong albums.  I think “Pinata” is the better of the two and would recommend starting there and then moving back in time to “Mejico Maxico” if you like what you’ve heard.  However, some listeners may prefer to hear how MIS’s sound has grown and developed over time and so would prefer to listen to the albums in their proper temporal sequence.  Either way you won’t go wrong.  Good stuff.


11/30/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews

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