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Review: Chromeo, Fancy Footwork

Remember the good disco?  Not the Bee Gee’s garbage but the good stuff?  Like it?  Well, if you do here’s a CD released in 2007 that for all intents and purposes could have been released in 1980.  chromeoChromeo are Monteal dance duo Dave One and Pee Thug and Fancy Footwork is a disco record.  The lyrics are a bit more ironic than anything you’d be likely to hear from, say, Kool and the Gang, but the instrumentation, the synths, the beats, the songs, the vocal styles, the sound of the music – all of it – is straight out of the world of dance music in the late ’70s – early ’80s. 

Chromeo don’t just do disco-era dance music, they nail it.  Virtually everthing on “Fancy Footwork” is spot on.  These guys must love this music because they’ve taken the best of it and flawlessly reproduced it with chrome-slick modern production techniques.  The problem is that reproduced it is just about all they’ve done.  The lyrics are a bit more knowing but the music is a museum-quality reproduction.  I like, and have always liked, this type of music but would have been much more interested to hear Chromeo take their exquisite feel for this era of dance music and their ability to reproduce these sounds and do something new with them. 

If you want to party like it’s 1979 with songs that are new and music that’s deeply familiar, cue up”Fancy Footwork”.  Having demonstrated that they can do this music maybe the next time out Chromeo will do something with it.


12/03/2007 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews

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