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Review: Stereophonics, Language. Sex. Violence. Other?

Stereophonics have been around for awhile.  They formed in 1996 and “Language. Sex. Violence. Other?” is their fifth full length album although it’s the first I’ve heard.  They’re a stereophonicstrio from South Wales composed of Kelly Jones (guitar, vocals), Richard Jones (bass) and Javier Weyler (drums).  Weyler replaced founding drummer Stuart Cable on “LSVO”.  They play a form of alternative rock that is built around Kelly Jones’ muscular guitar riffs, rough vocals, and solid songwriting.

“LSVO” is a solid rock record written and played by a band that is both polished and confident.  Opening track “Superman” rides a low-slung menacing beat synched to a solid hook.  The outstanding pair “Devil” and “Dakota” fires up the engine that powers so much of this type of music – girls.  “Devil” wants her to drive you mad.  “Dakota” yearns for what she did for you and wonders where it went.  With Jones’ well-graveled vocal and a killer hook it’s an outstanding song.  Think Snow Patrol with balls.  It’s the kind of song where the final chorus would work real well accompanying John Cusack holding that boombox up over his head.  Sooner or later a TV show will latch on to it to tack an emotional patch onto the end of a lame script.  Be a shame when that happens, if it hasn’t already, although the band will probably love the exposure. 

Occasionally, as on “Girl”, Kelly Jones veers too close to Kurt Cobain mimicry with his vocals but for the most part Stereophonics stand on their own six legs and rock.  Since “LSVO” was released they’ve put out a double CD recorded live from their tour supporting “LSVO” and “Pull the Pin” a studio album which has yet to be released in the US.  Based on “LSVO” I’m looking forward to hearing both of them. 


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