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Hurricane #1 – Hurricane #1

One of the great benefits of themed box sets like Rhino’s The Brit Box released last year is that they give you a chance to get a taste of bands you may not have heard before either because the hurricaneband was obscure or you were in a different musical place at the time the band was active and you just never got around to listening to them.  Hurricane #1 was a new band for me for both reasons until I listened to “The Brit Box”.  Props to Rhino for making “The Brit Box” available and to Laura for giving it to me as a Christmas present.  Hurricane #1 is just the first of many good bands the collection brought, or brought back, into our house.

Andy Bell (guitar, vocals, keyboards) was a founding member of the influential shoegazing band Ride and joined Oasis as bass player when Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs quit the band in 1999.  In between he formed the short-lived guitar band Hurricane #1 with Alex Lowe (guitar, vocals), Will Pepper (bass), and Gareth Farmer (drums, percussion).  “Hurricane #1”  was their first (of only two) albums.  

The album opens with  “Just Another Illusion” which has a decidedly “Screamadelica”-era Primal Scream aura about it.  The Beatles are another clear touchstone for Hurricane #1 and “Chain Reaction” sounds so much like Oasis it could be an out take from “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”.  The most familiar tune on the album is “Step Into My World” the band’s one hit which is notable for its extended coda featuring Bell and Lowe’s intertwined guitars over a loping rhythm.  Very nice track.  “Strange Meeting” uses big acoustic rhythm guitars, an electric lead, and harmony vocals to produce the kind of country rock sing-along that Foo Fighters produce in their quieter moments.  Another good song.  “Hurricane #1” is very much a guitar album which abandons the droning wall of feedback that characterized the shoegaze bands in favor of melodic guitar interplay. 

Unfortunately the band runs out of good songs before the end of the album and the final two tracks provide a weak and forgettable ending for an otherwise strong set.  “Hurricane #1” is not one of the great “lost” albums but it is a solid collection of guitar rock/pop with several very good tracks.  Worth a listen.


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