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Review: Various Artists, Rock the Disco 2

Seamless is a UK label that specializes in compilation disks.  Last year they put out a dance collection called “Rock the Disco“.  I liked it a lot and apparently so did enough other people that they rock the disco 2quickly followed it with “Rock the Disco 2”. 

Like its predecessor “RtD2” is a two disc collection compiled by Huggy.  Disc 1 is called “Disco Dazed”.  It’s mainly a set of various types of club music overlaid with an unrelenting disco back beat.  This may work in the club but it turns what could have been an enjoyable set of dance music into a long exercise in tedium on disc.  “Disco Dazed” is basically no different from any one of a hundred other run of the mill dance mixes out there. 

Disc 2 is called “On the Rocks” and it is by far the more interesting of the two.  For starters the emphasis on the amalgamation of rock and dance that characterized the first “Rock the Disco” collection is much more in evidence on disc 2 than on disc 1 of  “RtD2”.  In addition, the mix is much better and Huggy breaks up the monotonous disco back beat that saturates disc one with tracks that change up the rhythm.  Some standout tracks include Armand Van Helder’s “NYC Beat”, Justice’s mix of ZZT’s “Lower State of Consciousness”, the Switch Remix of Simian Mobile Disco’s “I Believe”, and a killer mix of LCD Soundsystem’s “Daft Punk Is Playing In My House” by Soulwax Shibuya.

There are a number of good tracks here and dance fans will almost certainly find something to enjoy.  However, on the whole, “RtD2” struck me as a step backwards and much less interesting than “RtD1”. 


02/12/2008 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews

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