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Review: The Whigs, Mission Control

Exactly who are in The Whigs, a band from Athens Georgia, is a bit unclear.  Parker Gispert is the singer/songwriter and guitar/piano player while Julian Dorio is the whigsdrummer.  The identity of the bass player is less clear.  Hank Sullivant was the original bass player but he quit the band.  The Whig’s Myspace page shows a picture of Tim Deaux playing bass and allmusic.com cites Deaux as replacing Sullivant.  However, Deaux doesn’t appear to have had anything to do with “Mission Control”.  The written bass parts on the CD are credited to Craig McQuiston and Adam Saunders.  Saunders plays all the bass on the album.  So, who’s the bass player? 

Whoever ends up playing bass, they’re going to have a sweet gig because The Whigs are a solid contemporary rock band who write good tunes and play good music.  I find that often CDs sound good the first time through and then become less interesting the more I listen to them or, less frequently, don’t do much for me the first time around and then grow into favorites.  “Mission Control” is one of those rare albums that sounds good on first listen and keeps getting better over time.  The Whigs play a range of modern rock styles tending toward driving power guitar with tempos that are more up than mid although they mix the tempos up enough to keep the CD interesting.  The drive to crescendo on “Right Hand on My Heart” is almost worth the price of the CD by itself.  Gispert can write and the band plays his music with confidence and authority.  They sound like a band that would be killer in a club venue.  You’re also going to find yourself humming or singing hooks from these tunes when you’re away from your player.  The band doesn’t do anything that’s especially new but they do several different things and they do all of them very well.

If you like guiter-driven rock or if you’d like something of a survey of several styles of modern rock, The Whigs are a good bet.  It’s still early days, but “Mission Control” is the best contemporary rock CD I’ve heard so far this year.


02/21/2008 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews

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