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Review: Wooden Shjips, Wooden Shjips

Wooden Shjips (that’s not a typo) is a quartet of guitar, keyboards, bass and drums.  Someone sings.  The CD gives no indication of who plays what or even who the members of shjipsthe band are.  The blurriness in the band photo on the CD booklet shown on the left is intentional.  These guys don’t want people to know who they are.

The group plays largely instrumental psychedelic jams.  Each track is based on a droning hypnotic rhythm riff that repeats virtually unchanged throughout the entire song.  Want a different riff?  Skip to the next track.  Since the tracks range from four to ten minutes in length, this can get fairly monotonous.  However, the band has a knack for choosing propulsive, forward moving rhythmic grooves that are easy on the ears and carry the listener through the song.

Each track also has vocals by someone who can’t really sing that are so echo laden that they are usually incomprehensible.  The drumming is so basic that anyone with an average sense of rhythm and coordination could play these lines with a couple of hours of practice.  It may be a drum machine but I’d think anyone who could program a drum machine would program something a bit more complex.  The major attraction here is the guitar and the rest of the music pretty much serves as background for the guitar player to do his or her thing.  Drones, controlled feedback, and soaring, spacey lead lines abound. 

“Wooden Shjips” harkens back to the music produced by the psychedelic bands of the ’60s and listeners who love this music may enjoy listening to it.  However the lack of anything of much interest here outside of the guitar leads me to suspect the CD will have very limited appeal.


03/06/2008 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews

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