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Review: Voice of the Seven Woods, Voice of the Seven Woods

Voice of the Seven Woods is a trio composed of Rick Tomlinson (guitar, sitar, oud, vocals, piano, percussion), Chris Walmsley (drums, percussion, piano) and Pete Hedley (electric v7woodsbass, violin).  It looks like the CD was created through electronic communication with each musician adding their part seperately as all three are given recording credit from different locations.

 Much of the music on “Voice of the Seven Winds” is instrumental, acoustic, up-tempo, and faintly psychedically tinged, featuring Tomlinson’s work on guitar, oud or sitar.  There are two brief vocals by Tomlinson, who is not an accomplished singer.  He is, however, a very accomplished stringed instrument player.  His work is both technically adept and melodically and harmonically enjoyable.  A number of the tracks on “Voice of the Seven Winds” are drone or raga influenced and this style of playing can quickly become monotonous to listeners who are not familiar enough with it to appreciate variations that are often subtle.  Tomlinson largely avoids this problem through the use of guitar lines that are melodically varied and interesting.  His playing is also structured enough that it rarely sounds like technically advanced noodling.  “Return from Bzyantium” is especially nice.

If Voice of the Seven Winds did construct this album in seperate locations they did an awfully good job of it.  Drums, bass and guitar work together smoothly and harmoniously.  If they can sound this well-integrated and tight working at a distance, I would love to hear them play live after they’ve had a bit of time to practice playing in the same room together.

It took me awhile to warm up to “Voice of the Seven Winds” but once I did I found myself enjoying it more and more.  Listeners who like melodic yet adventuresome acoustic instrumental music played by adept musicians who are much more interested in the music they are making than in the marketing category used to sell it would do well to search out “Voice of the Seven Winds” and give it a listen.


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