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Review: Minipop, A New Hope

Minipop are well named.  They’re a quartet out of San Francisco that writes small jewel-like dream pop songs that each have the sound of having been burnished to a fine sheen before they were released to the minipopgeneral public.  “A New Hope” is their debut album.

If you think dream pop is all about twee cutesy-poo, “A New Hope” may surprise you.  Lead singer and lyricist Tricia Kanne has a hint of little-girl fragility in her voice but it is fully offset by the adult heft of her lyrics.  Her opening “Oh Matthew, do you know what you do? / You give me bruises / Oh Matthew, I don’t know what to do” over Velvet Underground-like guitar chords on “Ask Me A Question” is spooky.  And it gets spookier when the song leads to the rousing hooked chorus of “I like the way you are” and you realize Minipop’s guitar and keyboard player’s first name is Matthew.  It’s a great tune. 

The rest of the band also belie the twee image of dream pop with strong drumming from Lauren Grubb, varied and at times fuzzed out rhythm guitar from Matthew Swanson and solid, driving bass from Nick Forte.  Sure, they do mid- and down-tempo numbers but they also do well structured pop rock.  They also do hooks well and many of the songs on “A New Hope” worm their way into your head only to come out later to entertain you when you’re away from your music platform.  Several times after “A New Hope” came into the house I turned to something else after a couple of listens only to go back to it again when I found their songs kept coming back to mind.  Kanne’s multitracked vocals are what will likely attract initial attention but once you start to pay attention to the rest of the band you realize this is a tight ensemble with solid chops that does not lack for songwriting craft.

“A New Hope” won’t be for everyone but if you like well-written and well-played pop rock with a dreamy edge give Minipop a listen. 


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  1. Hey! wow this is a nice website! 🙂
    You’ve actually said alot of the things i was thinking when i first foudnt hem in this post. 😀
    and you make music?! that so awesome! 😀
    ttyl 🙂

    Comment by Shivesh | 05/07/2010 | Reply

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