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Review: The Blakes, The Blakes

The Blakes are a trio composed of brothers Garnet (vocals, guitar) and Snow (vocals, bass) Keim and Bob Husak (drums).  They sound like what they are – three guys who’ve spent a lot of time on the road without blakesmoney behind them who like to get laid.  “The Blakes” is their first album.

The CD opens with “Two Times” a down and dirty rock song yowled with the lazy malevolence of a snotty teenager who doesn’t give a fuck what you think and knows your daughter will do whatever he wants because he’s cool and you suck.  Every parent’s nightmare.  If this was all The Blakes were about it would get old fast but the band keeps changing it up while keeping the focus squarely on rock.  “Modern Man” sounds so much like an “Exile on Main St.” era Stones track that Mick Jagger could sue for copyright infringement.  The main difference is that The Blakes sound more dangerous than The Stones have for several decades.  There’s more than a hint of British Invasion style rock running throughout “The Blakes” but the band rarely sounds like they’re simply copying the older style.  It’s an influence, not a model.

The Blakes are the kind of band that is becoming harder to find as the years roll by.  As rock ages, and it’s old now, the billions spent and made and the decades of image marketing and have made it more and more difficult to just play rock pure and simple.  The Blakes pull it off.  They don’t sound like they’re trying to fit into some currently popular variant of rock and, with the exception of “Modern Man”, they don’t sound like they’re trying to be a band like (fill in classic rock band here).  They’re a basic rock band that knows how to kick ass.  No gimmicks, that’s it.  If that sounds like your thing, give these guys a listen


04/20/2008 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews, Podcasts

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