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Review: British Sea Power, Do You Like Rock Music?

Do You Like Rock Music?Britsh Sea Power, a quartet out of Brighton, sound like they yearn to be epic in a U2, Muse, Pink Floyd kind of way.  Big epic tunes, a haunting refrain of “We’re all in it / And we close our eyes” that begins and ends the album, massed string crescendos, big guitars, it’s all present and accounted for on Do You Like Rock Music?  Compared with the at-times fussy artiness of their critically acclaimed in the UK debut CD, The Decline of British Sea Power, released in 2003, it’s clear that British Sea Power are going for a wider audience with Do You Like Rock Music?  They try hard and most of the tracks are well done.  But for reasons I’m still not clear about, Do You Like Rock Music? just isn’t doing it for me. 

All of the external characteristics of a big epic rock album are here but there is something missing at the core.  Do You Like Rock Music?  just doesn’t rock.  It’s like a record made by by talented musicians and songwriters who are mimicking a style they don’t intuitively grasp.  This style of music should be arresting; it should demand your attention and compel you to listen.  I’ve listened to Do You Like Rock Music?  many, many times trying to figure out why it isn’t working for me and the best summation I can come up with is that the more I hear it, the easier it is to ignore.


05/12/2008 - Posted by | CD reviews, music, music reviews

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