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Review: Various Artists, Discovered: A Collection of Daft Punk Samples

Discovered is just what the subtitle says it is – a collection of 12 tracks that Daft Punk used as sampling sources when they built their songs.  For each song you get copyright info and the Daft Punk track that Discoveredused the sample.  I would have loved to have read something from Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo or Thomas Bangalter about why they chose to use these particular elements from these particular songs but there is no commentary of any kind included with the CD.  You get the tunes and not much more.

The collection opens with Breakwater’s “Release the Beast” from which Daft Punk took the signature riff for “Robot Rock”.  At first it’s disheartening to hear that an instantly recognizable Daft Punk riff was lifted from someone else.  Once you get over that, however, you realize just how good Daft Punk are at taking bits of other people’s music and turning them into something that blows the original out of the water.  It makes you wonder if the original artists are going to hear what Daft Punk did with their music and be bummed that they had the music and did so much less with it than Daft Punk was able to do.

For the most part Discovered is a collection of run-of-the-mill disco and funk that is likely to be of minimal interest to Daft Punk fans and no interest at all to anyone else.  There are some A-list artists here such as Sister Sledge (“Il Macquillage Lady” sampled in “Aerodynamic”), Chaka Khan (“Fate” sampled in “Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust”) and Little Anthony and the Imperials (“Can You Imagine” sampled in “Crescendolls”) but these selections are far from their best work.  “Release the Beast” is a pretty good dance track, everything else is just so-so.  Hearing George Duke’s “I Love You More” (sampled in “Digital  Love”) made me wonder for the umpteenth time how the keyboard player that played such a central role in Frank Zappa’s amazing track “Inca Roads” could have ended up doing this kind of empty, ready-for-the-elevator music.

If you’re a rabid Daft Punk fan who has to have everything that has anything to do with the group, you’ll want this CD.  Everyone else would be better served by skipping it in favor of a Daft Punk album.  Their spectacular Live 2007 comes to mind.
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