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Review: We Are Wolves, Total Magique

We Are Wolves come out of Montreal along with Arcade Fire, The Dears, Wolf Parade, and Malajube among others.  Although they share part of their name with Wolf Parade and a label with Malajube they don’t sound like any of them.  Whether or not you think this is a good thing will depend on how much you enjoy dance punk with yelping chanting where the vocals usually go.  No matter what you think of We Are Wolves, what’s going on in Montreal?  So many varied bands producing such interesting varieties of music.

We Are Wolves is a trio that features analog synths, grimy guitars and those yowling vocals in the service of simplistic riff driven dance punk.  They have a good grasp of simple four/four rhythms, the power of riff reps and energy.  Harmony and melody are only vaguely grasped.  Much of this music is going to sound very familiar to listeners familiar with the CBGB scene that produced the Ramones, the East Village’s No Wave bands or the first wave of punk led by the Sex Pistols out of the UK.  The last track on the CD, “Total Solide”, sounds like they got hold of a Daft Punk CD and said “Hey, we can do that too!”  It provides a nice break from the insistent  hammering that has gone before but at this point in their development it’s pretty much a weak Daft Punk imitation.  If they stick with this style of music that may change.

One thing We Are Wolves does well is energy.  These tracks are played with a drive and enthusiasm that are infectious even if not very original.  Listeners who like to pogo while the band makes a racket and haven’t gotten around to tuning back to those “old” dance punk and Death Disco scenes may well find a lot here that sounds fresh and if you liked those genres you may be delighted to hear a new band taking up the flag again. 


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