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Review: On Stage at World Cafe Live: Jennifer Glass & Daniella Cotton

This is more of a warning than a review.  The reason it’s not a review is that the sound quality of this DVD is so bad we couldn’t stand to listen to it and you can’t really review something you haven’t seen or heard. TheOn Stage at the World Cafe disc opens with Jennifer Glass, a singer I haven’t heard before, but we went straight to the Daniella Cotton segment thinking we’d go back and listen to Glass later.  Didn’t happen.  No matter how bad I think something is I’ll try and listen at least several times before I write a review but we got midway through Cotton’s second song and decided we couldn’t stand to listen to any more.  Cotton’s voice, as heard on her album Rare Child, is extraordinary.  On this DVD it sounds like she’s singing through a large-diameter metal pipe that’s about a block away.  The lead guitar is waaaay too high in the mix so that it drowns out almost everything else.  The bass is inaudible most of the time.  The drums are fairly well recorded but the mix is so bad it doesn’t matter.  Strictly amateur night at in the recording booth.

The problem isn’t our sound system which is a fairly good one and is kept in line with electronic room correction and regular speaker balancing using an SPL meter.  The problem is that Cotton’s set is so poorly recorded that the DVD is best avoided.  Cotton is too good, much too good, to be listened to like this.


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