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Review: Robert Forster & Grant McLennan, Intermission

Robert Forster and Grant McLennan were the creative heart of the Go-Betweens, an Australian band known for their scintillating pop and alt rock.  The Go-Betweens released six strong and critically praised albums from Intermission1982 to 1988 and then broke up.  They got back together in 2000 and continued producing beautiful and well written pop until McLennan passed away in his sleep from an apparent heart attack in 2006.  

From 1988 until they reunited in 2000, Forster and McLennan each released a series of solo albums.  Intermission is a two disc set, one devoted to each of the musicians, that collects tracks from these solo albums.  The tracks on each of their respective dics were chosen by Forster and McLennan.  The discs come packaged with a booklet that contains the lyrics for each song along with the musicians playing on each track.

Fans of the Go-Betweens who don’t have Forster and McLennan’s solo albums will especially enjoy Intermission.  The expert songcraft that defined the Go-Betweens is equally evident here.  Forster is the more adventuresome songwriter while, at least to my ears, McLennan is the better singer.  Together they were brilliant; apart they are each very good in their individual ways.  

If you are not familar with the work of Forster and McLennan I would recommend trying a Go-Betweens album before Intermission.  We have particularly enjoyed 2003’s Bright Yellow Bright Orange.  If you like what you hear you are in the wonderful position of either trying more Go-Betweens or listening to what Forster and McLennan each did on their own.  Either way you win.

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