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Review: Ewan Pearson, We Are Proud of Our Choices

In a recent review of Hernan Cattaneo’s mix for the Renaissance Masters series I noted that the mix has the characteristic that  any 10 minute segment tends to sound more or less like any other 10 minute segment.  Ewan Pearson’s We Are Proud of Our Choices is a good example of a mix that completely avoids this problem and is much more interesting as a result.

Pearson does a nice job of sequencing in his mix and the tracks he chooses differ sufficiently in instrumentation, tonal quality and rhythmic structure that it never feels like you’re stuck in a rut.  In addition, the individual tracks in the mix usually develop quickly enough to have their own sense of forward propulsion.  Combine this with the momentum that comes from Pearson’s sequencing and you end up with a mix that almost always feels like it’s going somewhere.

Going somewhere is only good if it’s somewhere you want to go.  We Are Proud of Our Choices relies on rolling midtempo grooves that carry the listener along effortlessly.  Tempos are generally in the 120 bpm to 126 bpm range with a solid backbeat combined with periodic accents on the one which gives the music a rolling or loping feel that is very easy to fall into and ride.  Pearson does a nice job of mixing in rhythmic variation so that there’s almost no opportunity for boredom to set in and attention to wander.

We’ve been listening to a lot of dance mix CDs lately and We Are Proud of Our Choices is one we come back to time and again.  Expertly sequenced with compelling momentum and groove it avoids the samey-samey problem of many dance mixes and is easy to recommend.


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