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Review: Martyn, fabric 50

Fabric is a club that opened in London in 1999.  In 2001 they began a series of monthly CD mix releases featuring well-known DJs that alternate between the fabric and Fabriclive headings.  At the time Martyn’s studio mix was released there had been 49 discs in each of the two series and the feeling had arisen in some corners that the Fabric releases had gone stale.  They needed to shake it up.

They did.  Martyn is a Dutch DJ who currently lives and works out of the Washington DC area (Yikes! he lives somewhere near me!)  who is know for being both the high quality and innovative originality of his mixes.  He gave Fabric just what they needed; fabric 50 is a knockout.

One of the more appealing aspects of fabric 50 is that Martyn isn’t afraid to mix different types of music into his set.  He smoothly mixes dubstep, techno, umpteen kinds of house and a number of other micro-niches with names that only have meaning for the truly obsessed into a thoroughly entertaining set.  The variety of music on display makes fabric 50 a terrific CD for listeners who may know little or nothing about dance music to sample a fairly wide selection of many of the types of club music that are currently in the air.  Find what you like, follow it up, and open up a whole new world of goodness.

That bit about “smoothly” points to another great strength of fabric 50.  Martyn really know how to put music together.  Tracks flow into each other seamlessly most of the time.  Styles, rhythms, timbres, instrumentation consistently vary and flow so the mix never falls into the monotonous rut that can easily bedevil dance music.

The illustration on the CD packaging shows a dancer being held in the palm of a big hand.  Nice image for this set; you’re in good hands with Martyn.  If Fabric can reinvigorate their two series with sets of this quality the coming months are going to be very good ones indeed for those listeners who enjoy electronic dance music.


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