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Mochaka’s Groove

A new track, “Mochaka’s Groove”, is up on the Parametric Monkey page. “Mochaka’s Groove” began as an exercise in learning how to manipulate audio files.  I had been working with MIDI and wanted to learn something about audio so I began making clips in Ableton Live by taking a drum loop or two, chopping them up, rearranging the pieces and then putting them back together.  I played some of the clips together which produced a mess so I started shaping the clips to fit each other.  “Mochaka’s Groove” is based on three interlocking rhythm patterns that are panned across the soundstage.  The other instruments were played through a MIDI keyboard and are either tweaked presets or were built from multisampled instruments in various software packages.

Mochaka’s Groove


04/29/2010 - Posted by | music |

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