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Review: Radio Slave, Fabric 48

Now this is what I’m talkin’ about.  Radio Slave is Matt Edwards, a prolific producer of an astonishingly wide variety of electronic music.  In addition to Radio Slave he is also know as Rekid, and Matthew E, as well as being one half of the duos Quiet Village (with Joel Martin) and Sea Devils (with Thomas Gandey).  Fabric 48 is his entry in fabric’s long-running studio mix series and it’s a killer.

The set opens quietly enough with the Michael Cleis Deeper Remix of Baeka’s “Right At It”.  It then quickly turns to the deep tribal rhythms that define the set with Radio Slave’s “DDB”.  The next track up is again Radio Slave with “I Don’t Need a Cure For This” which is about as good a characterization of Fabric 48 as anything I could come up with.  “I Don’t Need a Cure For This” is the first of four tracks that is one of the better sequences I’ve heard in a mix in a long time.

For the most part Fabric 48 is jungle music.  Not jungle as in drum and bass electronic music-related jungle but rain forest-type jungle.  Maybe tribal would be a better word.  Forward-driving propulsive and loping rhythms keep the set in a solid groove that is very hard to resist.  The set lets down a bit with one of those laid-back spoken raps by the chick with the sultry voice things that some producers of electronic music seem to love with Nina Kraviz’ “Pain in the Ass” but it gets it’s groove back when Kraviz loses the rap and gets to the rhythm late in the track.  If you focus on a segment o fFabric 48 it can come across as repetitious and boring.  However, if you relax your attention a bit the music can carry you away and once that happens it’s hard to stop playing it.

To my eye the CD art is particularly ugly but the idea is to listen to it, not look at it.  Fabric 48 may hurt the eyes but it’s a treat for the ears and those parts of the body that have a tendency to move in sinuous and uncontrollable ways when in the presence of a mighty groove.  If this sounds good to you, check Fabric 48 out.

Segment from Fabric 48

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