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A Choired Taste

“A Choired Taste” is built around three guitar-led sections separated by brief rhythm breaks.  The track got its start when I was experimenting with making instruments in Native Instrument’s Kontact and added a choir voice to a bass.  I liked the sound of that and began to explore a variety of bass plus voice combinations.  The bass in “A Choired Taste” is built from a combination of two basses and one voice; the main guitar is a combination of three guitars and two voices.  The second guitar which comes in during the third segment is a telecaster from East West’s Goliath.  The drums are from Native Instrument’s Battery.  The bass and guitars were played through a Novation SL MkII controller and the drums were programmed using the SL MkII, a Korg padKontrol and the keyboard.  The track was built in Ableton Live and a number of Live’s effects were used throughout.  EQ and compression at mixing were applied using FabFilter’s Pro-Q and Pro-C.

A Choired Taste


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