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Review: Thisisnotanexit, Manifesto #1

Thisisnotanexit is a small UK record label and Manifesto #1 is a two disc label compilation.  From the title of the album and the picture chosen for the cover of the CD booklet you might expect something along the lines of post-punk or dance punk.  You get a taste of that in opening track “Messages” by Detachments but the collection quickly turns to what the label is known for – electronic music that is more or less dance-friendly and which is blatantly unconcerned with labels, genres or being associated with a uniform sound.

Disc 1 is an unmixed collection of 15 tracks that are previously unreleased.  There is a wide range of music here and almost all of it is interesting in one way or another.  If there is one primary style it might be nu-disco but listeners will get the wrong idea if they think Manifesto #1 is a nu-disco collection.  Breadth of vision, not uniformity of style, is the watchword here.

Disc 2 is a mix done by Simon A. Carr.  Of the two, it is aimed more toward the dance club.  However, like disc 1, there is a breadth of styles on display ranging from the space disco leanings of Prins Thomas’s remix of Hatchback’s “White Diamond” to the techno orientation of Serge Santiago’s remix of They Came From the Stars I Saw Them’s “Moon Song”.  They Came From the Stars own version of “Moon Song” closes the disc and it doesn’t sound anything at all like  the Santiago remix (or anything else on the CD for that matter).

Manifesto #1 is successful as a label compilation in that it leads to recognition of the label as a place to go for music that is very likely to be at least interesting and at best outstanding.  If you want a collection like this to present a uniform soundscape or a consistent style, then Manifesto #1 will probably not be attractive.  However, if you are a listener with open ears who is comfortable with the unexpected and who might be open to finding something different, Manifesto #1 is worth your time and Thisisnotanexit is a label you might want to keep an eye on.

Night Plane’s “Let The Right One In” (which is a terrific film, btw) from Manifesto #1


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