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Review: The Presets, Apocalypso

The Presets are Australian duo Julian Hamilton and Kimberley Moyes.  Apocalypso is their second album and it was a huge success in Australia winning a number of Australian Recording Industry Association awards including Best Group, Best Dance Release and Album of the Year.

Must have been a thin year.  That’s not to say Apocalypso is a bad album, it’s not.  For what it does, it’s quite good.  The thing is that what it does, for the most part, is get in the long line of bands that listened to Franz Ferdinand and said “Hey!  We can do that too.”  The Presets are quite a bit better than the run of the mill Franz Ferdinand wannabe band but by the time Apocalypso was released in 2008 the Franz Ferdinand imitators were so thick on the ground it’s hard to see how another one, not matter how accomplished, would qualify as the Best Group of the year.

While the Franz Ferdinand influence is very strong, it must be said that The Presets show they are capable of doing more.  “This Boy’s in Love” has a strong Human League vibe that they could explore further.  “New Sky” opens with a choral section that sounds like what the Beach Boys might have sounded like if the BBs didn’t have voices that sounded like girls, and “If I Knew You” opens with several vocal choruses in ballad style where the singer drops the Franz Ferdinand bit and shows he has a singer’s voice, range and interpretative skills.  It seems clear The Presets can go beyond the Franz Ferdinand knock offs.  Too bad they didn’t do more of it on Apocalypso.

“Talk Like That” from Apocalypso


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