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Review: Danny Howells, Renaissance The Mix Collection

Renaissance, the high-profile dance club in the UK, pretty much instigated the the DJ mix as a viable CD product when Renaissance, the record label, released the first Renaissance The Mix Collection mixed by Sasha and John Digweed in 1994.  (Yikes! Can anyone say “Slaves to branding”?)  They’ve kept the series up over the years and this is renowned DJ Danny Howells’ two-disc contribution released in 2008.

Although I reviewed Howells Miami mix for Global Underground earlier, his Renaissance The Mix Collection was the one I tuned in to first.  Howells is usually characterized as one of the select group of top-tier, world-class, globe hopping, super club DJs and listening to his mixes it’s easy to hear why.  He has a deft touch at sequencing tracks that work well together, he is a master at building and releasing momentum throughout the set, and he adapts his added material to the track rather than crush the track under his “signature” sound.  All of this taken together produces a mix that carries you along from start to finish and doesn’t get tedious along the way.

Disc one opens with Cushty’s “La La Li” which is a mellow melodic number with crashing surf in the background.  This description will instantly make a lot of people think “Ugh.  Another cheesy, vapid Ibiza mix.”  Not to worry, Howell’s isn’t going there.  He takes the track out with some sweet hand drum percussion that is then used as an instrumental foundation for giving coherence to the first several tracks on the disc.  From there Howells takes off using percussion interludes that develop from the preceding track and segue to the next to tie the entire mix together.

The first disk ends with three tracks that were either produced or reworked by Howells specifically for Renaissance The Mix Collection.  The second disc picks up right where the first left off with Howells’ “Laid Out” and finishes with Howell’s edit of Apparat’s “Fractales”.  In all, 7 of the 28 tracks in the mix were produced or reworked by Howells for Renaissance The Mix Collection.

I enjoy Howell’s mixes quite a bit and Renaissance The Mix Collection is the kind of set I can listen to happily at any time.  If deep groove, melodic dance music, and expert sequencing and mixing sound like your thing, check Howells’ Renaissance The Mix Collection out.

Sven Weisemann’s “Kiss of Abana” from Renaissance The Mix Collection


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