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Review: Ewan Pearson, Piece Work

Ewan Pearson is an English music producer and remixer who is highly respected in the profession although he may not be as well known to the average club goer as the high-profile, globe trotting DJs.  Piece Work is a two disc collection of his remixes between 2001 and 2007.

Great sport coaches tend to fall into one of two camps.  Either they have a developed strategy toward their sport and they hire or recruit players who fit the roles needed by their master plan, or they adapt their strategies to the strengths and weaknesses of the players they have available.  Pearson is a remixer of the latter kind.  He shapes his remix to the song rather than forcing the song to fit his remix style.  This means his remixes don’t have a “Ewan Pearson” sound.  It also means that he is capable of producing remixes for an astonishingly wide variety of artists.  Piece Work contains remixes of tracks  by The Chemical Bothers, Fields, Pet Shop Boys, Franz Ferdinand, Ladytron, The Rapture, Depeche Mode, Moby and Goldfrapp to name just a few.

Pearson not only produces remixes for a wide variety of artists, he produces excellent remixes for these artists.  He has a marked ability to bring out aspects of the music that may not have been prominent or fully realized in the original track.  (If you’re familiar with the original, check out Pearson’s completely unexpected remix of The Fields’ “Song For The Fields” below for an example.)  Couple this with the flexibility with which he can adapt his sounds, instruments and effects to the source material and you get an endlessly varied selection of high quality remixes on Piece Work.

The breadth of Pearson’s remix work means that Piece Work doesn’t hang together as a coherent whole.  The tracks were not made to go together,  Piece Work is a collection of remixes, not a mix CD.  When he sits down to make a mix, he does it very well and in general I prefer to listen to his focused mixes on Fabric 35 and We Are Proud of Our Choices. However, the remixes on Piece Work are outstanding more often than not and the very high quailty of both his mixes and his remixes indicates that Ewan Pearson is a very talented man.  Listen to his work and it’s obvious why he is held in such high regard in the profession.

Ewan Pearson’s remix of Seelenluft”  by Manilla and featuring Mixmaster Michael Smith from Piece Work

And for something completely different, listen to Pearson’s Vocal Remix of The Fields’ “Song for the Fields’


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