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Review: Ripperton, Niwa

Ripperton is a Swiss DJ and producer who chose his music moniker based on his love of Minnie Ripperton. Niwa (which means “garden” in Japanese) is his his first solo album although he has released numerous singles in the house, minimal and techno genres both as a solo act and as part of Lazy Fat People.

Niwa is a very laid back album.  The tracks that have a house groove, and many do not, tend to be the kind of mellow, calm house you play when you want to come down and gently hit the flow.  This is more about appreciating how the quiet sounds providing rhythm and accent work together than it is about shaking your ass.  Several of the tracks are little more than a simple melodic riff laid over a pad or a sound effect like falling rain.  As befits an artist with a strong background in techno, rhythm often predominates.

There may not be a lot of energy on Niwa but there is talent.  Ripperton has a good ear for timbre and an better ear for rhythm.  His tracks are carefully constructed so that attentive listening is rewarded with a sense of appreciation for a quiet sound carefully and precisely placed for effect.

Niwa isn’t likely to be anyone’s idea of a party album but for quiet background music that is much richer than the bland pablum that is often marketed as ambient mood music and which will reward your time when you give it your musical attention, it might be just the thing.

“A Simple Thing”, one of the more uptempo tracks on Niwa (the track begins with 11 seconds of silence)


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