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Review: Various Artists, Bang Gang 12 Inches Presents a Radicool Compilation

Ok, I’m a sucker for this kind of thing.  Bang Gang 12 Inches Presents a Radicool Compilation is a two-disc label compilation from Bang Gang 12 Inches a small record label out of Sydney.  Some of it is really good, some of it is really not, and a good amount of it is highly derivative (like “let’s make a track that sounds exactly like” derivative) of bands like Justice and Daft Punk.  It doesn’t hurt that I really like Justice and Daft Punk but the key thing is that BG12″ sounds like it’s an outfit run by guys who just love music.  Everyone in the business end of the music business from the sleaziest company exec on up and down says “Oh we just love the music” but BG12″‘s Radicool Compilation sounds like it’s real.

A Radicool Compilation is all over the place.  Disc 1 is a collection of unmixed tracks and disc 2 is a mix by label bosses Doom and Hoodrat.  They lean toward the kind of driving dance rock that Daft Punk and Justice do so well but they recognize quality and publish tracks over a much wider range of music than that.  Disc 1 opener “Hello Cat” by Shazam sounds like ’70s slow funk updated for the oughties.    Golden Bug’s terrific “Assasin” is what happens when hip hop and dance rock have a love child.  Damn Arms “Destination Pt. 1” is an old-skool disco cut. zZz’s “Lion” features a chiming, ringing keyboard that sounds like  a titanium piano until the band says “Hey, let’s do Justice now” midway through the track.  And so it goes.  Collections like this are a prime reason why it’ll be a bad thing if the whole music world goes to downloading individual tracks.  You need the 75 mins or so of a CD to allow the range of music BG12″ is into to have its effect.

The variety of music presented on A Radicool Compilation is wide enough that everybody is likely to find something they don’t like.  Some of it really isn’t very good and some of it is too derivative of other bands for it’s own good.  But the hits far outweigh the misses and if you like Justice or Daft Punk you will enjoy a lot of what A Radicool Compilation has to offer.  If nothing else, labels like Bang Gang 12 Inches that are still doing it because “it’s all about the music, man”, deserve some love.

“Assasin” by Golden Bug

and WhiteNoise’s “Harlequin”


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