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Review: Groove Armada, Black Light

Groove Armada  are Andy Cato and Tom Findlay a pair of dance producers out of London.  Their 1999 album Vertigo featured one of their best known songs in the Fatboy Slim mix of “I See You Baby”.  In a sense, they’ve been trying to get back to those lofty heights since.  They didn’t make it with Black Light.

The CD opens with some guy screaming at you about something or other.  I suppose it’s supposed to be attention getting but it’s just annoying.  The guy with his panties in a twist is Nick Littlemore and the track is “Warsaw”.  Littlemore appears on four of Black Light‘s  eleven tracks  and they’re uniformly terrible thanks to his “vocal” contributions.  What he does is kind of shout, scream or talk with a great deal of overwrought quasi-hysterical emotion.  I’m guessing his style is intended to convey deep feeling, what it in fact conveys is that he can’t sing.

Groove Armada are known for working for a variety of vocalists and Littlemore is joined on Black Light by Bryan Ferry, Will Young, Jessica Larrabee and Saint Saviour.  Interspersed with the songs where Littlemore handles the vocals, their tracks come as a relief.  Ferry’s “Shameless” is one of his standard wobbly vocal mid-tempo numbers.  “Paper Romance” with Saint Savoir on vocals is especially good and if you’re going to download one track from Black Light, this is one to consider.

With one good track, several awful ones, and the remainder not much more than serviceable dance music made by skilled producers Black Light doesn’t have much to recommend it.

“Paper Romance featuring Saint Savoir on vox


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