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Review, Matias Aguayo, Ay Ay Ay

Ay Ay Ay is something you don’t come across all that often in dance music – an album that doesn’t sound like anything else.  Matias Aguayo is a DJ and music producer from Buenos Aires and he has built a unique and intriguing set of tracks for Ay Ay Ay.

As the music on Ay Ay Ay doesn’t fit neatly into the typical categories of dance music, it’s difficult to describe.  First, it’s definitely dance music.  Danceable rhythms predominate.  Often the rhythm is twisted toward the more complex and interesting grooves of latin music.  Aguayo also relies heavily on his vocals as both a rhythm and a weirdly melodic instrument.  “Weird” is actually a good descriptor for certain aspects of Ay Ay Ay as Aguayo is constantly inserting odd sounds, timbres and rhythmic flourishes.  The result of all this is music that is both unpredictable and wholly groove saturated.

When you listen to something like Ay Ay Ay it’s hard to avoid the realization that, even with its seemingly endless catalog of minutely differentiated sub-genres, dance music is only scratching the surface of what can be done with today’s production tools.  Software for making electronic music is so powerful, flexible and easily available that dance music – indeed any kind of electronically produced music – is only limited by the imagination of the producers.  The more people follow Aguayo’s lead and step outside the accepted boundaries, the richer dance music is likely to become.  If you like dance music and have open ears, Ay Ay Ay is worth checking out.

Menta Latte from Ay Ay Ay


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