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Review: The Cars, Complete Greatest Hits

I spent a long day buying a new car today so it seemed appropriate to finish the day off with a brief review of The Cars’ Complete Greatest Hits.  The Cars aren’t going to need an introduction for anyone interested in this review.  From the release of their first album The Cars in 1978 through their penultimate Heartbreak City in 1984 they were ubiquitous.  With their signature synth/pop/rock sound and Ric Ocasek’s vocals they were instantly identifiable and sounded like no one else before or since.

If buying our car had been as easy as choosing which Cars compilation to buy, we would have been finished in 10 minutes.  If you’re interested in a concise Cars collection the 20 track Complete Greatest Hits is a no-brainer.  It contains every one of their classic songs beginning with “Just What I Needed”  which launched their career when a Boston DJ began playing the demo on the radio and it became a huge local hit and carrying through to “You Are the Girl” their last single from their last album Door to Door.  Their best selling album Heartbreak City is represented by “You Might Think”, “Drive”, Magic”, “Hello Again” and “Why Can’t I Have You”.  Complete Greatest Hits is put out by Rhino who have a well deserved reputation for definitive collections just like this one.  An identical album called The Very Best of the Cars was released by Warner Brothers with different artwork on the cover.  The Rhino version is still in print.

Deep fans of The Cars will want more than the hits and Complete Greatest Hits won’t satisfy them.  However The Cars were pretty much a singles band and all of their great singles are here.  The only thing missing is an extra disc with all of those outstanding videos from Heartbreak City (hey Rhino, how about an updated version with the videos?).  If you want the Cars in all their glory, Complete Greatest Hits is it.

“You’re All I’ve Got Tonight”  originally released on The Cars

“Drive” originally released on Heartbreak City


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